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Aspiring country singers are arguably a dime a dozen. But when a talent comes along that catches the attention of an iconic country music legend like country superstar Randy Travis, that’s far from a dime a dozen, that’s country gold. This is exactly the case with Mackenzie Haubner. Family friends of Mary & Randy Travis since birth, it wasn’t until Mackenzie was 12 that she shared her passion for country music performance with Randy. She still remembers the night like it was yesterday. They were at a Friday night football game at Mackenzie’s high school just talking. Fast forward a few minutes & Randy handed his phone over to Mackenzie. On the line was legendary musical kingmaker Linda Septien, the founder of the prestigious Septien Entertainment Group, who immediately on Randy’s recommendation, began to develop her talent.

Mackenzie’s path didn’t start that night, however. In fact, Mackenzie didn’t even realize it when she began her journey to her present. When she was 5 years old, her father was diagnosed with a horrific diagnosis. She really didn’t know how to deal with the tragedy gripping her family at such a young age, so she turned to writing down her feelings as a way of dealing with the pain& uncertainty that surrounded her. Little did she know it at the time, but she had made her first steps toward her future as a singer-songwriter.

Though a Texas girl through & through, Mackenzie knew her calling was Music City. So she packed her Lucchese boots & left DTX for Tennessee, enrolling in Bellmont University, majoring in Music Business. She already has earned several notches on her guitar strap having performed at many noteworthy venue & having been awarded “Songwriter of the Year” twice for her outstanding songs she debuted at the legendary House of Blues showcase.

Mackenzie has many mentors in the business but is quick to name Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis (of course!) as her most admired. “Randy was the one who helped me believe in myself & see that I could have a career in country music. In 2012, I woke up Christmas morning & saw a special gift under the tree-a Taylor GS Mini guitar. Little did I know Randy went with my parents to pick it out for me& wrote a special message on it. Every time I play that guitar it reminds me to keep working hard& soon what I want will come,” says Mackenzie.

Carrie Underwood was the first country artist she met after Randy. Randy arranged backstage passes for Mackenzie on Underwood’s Blown Away Tour. In Underwood, Mackenzie sees a strong, Independent woman like herself, who is making her way through a male dominated industry. Also, like Underwood, Mackenzie looks to her faith to guide heron her journey. “This path is a hard one especially for a woman, but faith & family will always be my rock & will always be there to turn to.”


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Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night


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Stand My Ground

“Love the lyricism! I thnk country is the move for you!”Nick Seeley

5 out of 5

“Dang, dang, real good, yeah, DANG!”Randy Travis

5 out of 5

“You were wonderful! We are so proud of you! The world is your oyster…”Mary & Randy Travis

5 out of 5

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